Mad March - While I wait to hear how the first book of the Sphinx trilogy, Ragtag Souls is doing submission-wise, the last book, Granny Annie, is out for a final proof-ead following on the heels of book 2 Child of No One. (Q: Why are you getting them proofed when you are not going to self-publish them?  A: because I am dyslexic and they need to be in excellent condition for those who may read the MS.)


Meanwhile, the inter-generational family suspense series set in the Pennsylvania English-Amish town of Blossom Hill gathers momentum. The plot outline for book 1, Field of Sorrows, is drafted. Book 2, The Informer, is out for beta reading (Yikes!), while I write a detailed plot outline for book 3.  Then it is revision time for bk 2 before starting work on bk 3.)  (Q: Why are you not writing the books in sequence?  A: Because the story for book 2 came first, so I wrote it while working out the before and after for it.)

And finally my article, A Write Life, is due to be published as part of the UK Association of Christian Writers Worth our Weight in Gold anthology.

Sheelagh is a writer and vicar who lives in the North West of England. She seeks to bring stories of ordinary people dealing with contemporary issues of faith and life to the widest audience.

Latest News: 

The Association of Christian Writers has chosen Going Home as their featured short story for their Winter quarterly magazine. The magazine, published in December, is not available online, but you can read the story  on The Write Life page.

Sheelagh's Books

Natural talent FRONT COVER.gif

Raising star Aaron Summers learns the real action on set is happening off camera.  Ignored by critics favourite, Jasmine, out classed by gifted unknown Noah,

Aaron wonders if talent is going to be enough to survive the shoot when he realizes someone is trying to sabotage the very film that could make them all stars.

 The novel is based on Sheelagh's own experiences of working with young actors as a youth worker.

Monthly Update

What to read a extract from Natural Talent?  Click here for the first scene.

5.0 out of 5 stars a page-turner!


This book was great. It was different, mysterious and cunning; it showed the ups and downs of fame. The divas, the wannabes, the co-star crushes, the screaming fans, the fights and homework. Towards the end it became a real page-turner, finding out about the saboteur.

A must-read for those who love a good mystery. I think I'm going to read it again!

4.0 out of 5 stars Ms. White has some natural talent of her own ...


This is by far the best self-published book that I've read all year.  The storyline is engaging, the dialogue is realistic, and the characters are endearing.   It combines mystery, love, stardom, and suspense in a very entertaining package and deals with a few challenging teenage issues in a competent way.

M K Barton (Reader)